Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Second Quilting Class

Well, you know how I was saying that pressing your blocks are crucial? It turns out I didn’t press correctly :( I got to class and the teacher said my blocks looked great, but as we started squaring them up she realized that I didn’t press them quite right.

Last week, she told us to set the seam and then to open up our pieces with our fingers but not to open them up too much or we would pull the seams. I guess I was afraid of pulling the seams and didn’t quite open them up enough. So before I could square up my blocks, I had to go back to the iron and press my blocks. Of course, all 24 blocks are already sewn together and not pressed correctly, and therefore when I pressed them after the fact the seams aren’t quite right. Oh well, at least I learned from my mistake. I hope you won’t be able to tell too much when the quilt is complete.

Since I had to press all 24 of my blocks over again I was behind schedule in relation to the two other girls in the class. I hate being behind! I only squared up enough blocks for two rows so that I could arrange my blocks and sew two rows together and will have to do the rest at home. After we sewed our two rows together (one girl sewed all of her blocks together!), we learned how to cut out and sew on our borders. Our homework for this week is to finish out quilt top! I can’t wait to see it finished!

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