Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My first quilt!!

My first quilt is finally complete! It took me about five months to finish only because I was intimidated about quilting it. I had nothing to worry about! I quilted it using my walking foot and straight-line quilted through the diagonal of each block, stopping at the orange border. I then echo quilted around the border a couple of times.

Most of the fabrics in the quilt are Fandango by Kate Spain with a few additions to make sure I had three light, medium and dark fabrics.

I learned a lot making this quilt and of course would have done a few things differently, but overall I'm loving it! It's the perfect addition to the guest room.


  1. It looks FANTASTIC!! You did such a wonderful job and I hope you are proud of yourself :) What's next?

  2. Thanks!! I've already finished a baby quilt, and I have one more in the works for my sister's baby :) Thanks for all your help in picking fabrics!!